Going from elementary to middle school or moving from one middle school to another is a big change. Below is a quick list of frequently-asked questions. If your question is not addressed here, please call the school at (202) 939-5380—we're here to help!

Who do I contact if my child will be absent?
If your child will be absent, please complete an attendance note: bit.ly/attendancenote. Questions? Contact LaVerne Green or call (202) 939-5380.

Is there a dress code?
Yes, though uniforms are optional this year. More information on the dress code is available under School Policies.

Are there lockers?
Yes, students are given a locker to use. Students go to lockers at arrival, before and after lunch, and at dismissal only. Students are welcome to decorate the inside of their lockers with magnets—please no taping items up!

What if I need to pick my child up early?
We ask that families strive to ensure that students can take part in a full day of learning. If a student must be picked up early, please note that it is school policy that no early dismissals are permitted after 2:45 pm as our building transitions to prepare for schoolwide dismissal.

Parents or caregivers should come to the main door at 1830 Constitution Avenue NE to pass through security, sign in, and verify their identity with a driver's license or ID in the main office. Please note that we will not call students to the office before you arrive; you may be required to wait while cell phones are retrieved from their secure location, so please plan for a few extra minutes.

What is the lunch period like?
Students may bring their lunch or choose school lunch (all meals are free for all students). Students may eat in the cafeteria at tables with spaced seating, outside in approved areas, or in alternative locations in the building to encourage social distancing. On certain days, there may be lunchtime clubs that allow students to take their meal with them to the library or other designated spaces.

Do students have recess?
Yes. All students have a recess as part of their lunch period. See the bell schedule for more information.

Does Eliot-Hine offer P.E.?
Absolutely! It is a requirement that DC students receive physical and health education.

What schools feed into Eliot-Hine?
Maury Elementary School
Miner Elementary School
Payne Elementary School
SWS @ Goding

Where does Eliot-Hine feed for high school?
Eastern High School

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